Multimodal transportation (auto, containers, air)

Smart line company provides combined transportation from all over the world using road transport, sea and aero transport. Most of them have “door to door” scheme.  It requires cargo picking up in any country and its delivery to the customer in Russia.

Using multimodal transportation of any complexity we provide high efficiency in terms of temporary and material costs.

At the planning stage of multimodal transportation we are working on optimal pattern for you. We will choose the most effective combination of various kinds of transport based on geographical settings, carrier possibilities, customs law peculiarities and many other things. Due to our experience we can previse all possible complexities and make the delivery process to avoid delays and additional costs.

Smart line provides

International road transport is based on optimization of “multiloads” costs due to our effective work with clients and company’s partners.  Multiload is smaller in size than the whole container and can be consolidated and transported together with other loads by one transport vehicle.

Traditionally road transport is one of the important parts of complicated logistic chain in multimodal transportation. But the reality shows that this kind of transportation can be successfully used in situations where another transport is not possible. Close partnership with lead transport companies in Russia and neighboring countries allows us to deliver any kinds of cargo in any direction.

Making order on international road transportation you can lot upon free transit in European countries. Modern technical support makes control of cargo passing easier everywhere where satellite communication is.

The main principle of our work is route optimization. Offering consolidated cargos to our clients of different customers using one vehicle we save additional expenses and transportation time. Traffic route is worked out at the stage of booking, that’s why the client can always correct it if necessary.